Best Wine Tours in France

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Our Top Picks for Wine Tours in France.

If you need a reason to visit France then contemplate no further than the wine. The world’s biggest wine producer is this country. Their range of wine type, flavors, and tastes are as diverse as the various wine regions are in France.
Here are some of the most interesting wine tours that need to be on your list pronto. With French tours, you can enjoy the experience and sightseeing. Some of these tours are luxurious wine country tours which include your personal driver in an elegant Mercedes, or you can follow this link to view deals on car rentals to enjoy a tour at your own pace. You may even come across some exquisite cuisine that you have never had a chance before to try. All in all, you most definitely be having lunch over a scenic view of the vineyards.

The Rhone Alpes

Rhone valley is a place riddled with wine. It is the host to places like Hermitage and Cote- Rotie in the northern area, and Chateauneuf du Pape and Gigondas in the southern area. You may even get to taste wine in their ancient cellars.

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The Champagne Region Wine Tour

Everyone knows that champagne is the ultimate celebrity wine drink and there are certain things about tasting these vivacious wines in their birthplace. On the exclusive private tour, you might get to taste the fantastic bubblies at some of the best champagne houses of Epernay and Reims. You may even get to explore the lesser known gems around the region.

The Bordeaux Wine Tour

The Bordeaux tour is a private and opulent tour that is more like a lifetime vacation. Other than the wine tasting, you might also get to enjoy experiences like drowsing in superlative wine chateaux with a private chef and butler; travelling around Arcachon peninsula with the use of a private boat. There is also the chance to taste oysters and champagne at the fisherman’s huts.

The Lyon Wine and Food Tours

The place is a food lover’s destination. It has its charming bouchons; bouchons are the traditional bistros. The place also provides beautiful UNESCO heritage site that is protected by the historic center. You will find yourself in the middle of extensive cultural patrimony as well and some great shopping establishments.

The Bergerac Wine Tour

The Bergerac tour is a private, chauffeured wine tour of all the vineyards. This is the ideal tour for people who like dessert wine. The tour includes visiting 3 estates and meeting wine makers. You get the chance for tasting a wide variety of wines like reds, roses, whites, and sweeties. In addition, you would not want to miss the picnic overlooking the grapevines.

Medoc Wine Tour

It is the customized single day wine tasting tour in Medoc that has private tours along with a round to the cru class’e estates in St Julien and Margaux. You may even get to try the ultra gourmet meal at a Michelinin Paullic.


The private and Mercedes chauffeured tour of the vineyards around Monzballic and Saussignac which happens to be the ideal day out for wine and dessert lovers who are interested in enlightening themselves more about organic biodynamic and winemaking viticulture. The tour includes 3 wine estates; every one of these is one of a kind yet contrasts with the other nicely. Some of the taste examples that you may come across is the nectar like Monbazillacs, accompanied by whites and dry reds.

Sauternes Wine Tour

Sauternes is more of a extraordinary day out for wine country visitors. The tour includes a special visit to the 1st growth estates, wine tasting of vintage varieties etc.


This is the perfect place for going around in a bike. You should be fine as long as you are prepared for the occasional steep hill and abrupt foothills that will come along your way. The region has some interesting medieval villages and towns like the Colmar, Turckheim which are gorgeously picturesque places to be in, what with their half timbered houses and cobbled streets.

Gascony, Aquitaine

This is a spot which has inhabitants who can boast that they have the lowest levels of heart disease in all of France, along with the fact that they live on an average five years longer as well. They even put this down to the wines they produce.

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