Best Food Pairings for French Wines & Budget Promo Codes

The French are globally known for their mouthwatering cuisine and delicious wine, many of which are normally served separately. But, there isn’t any other country in the world that has been able to benefit from pairing wine and cuisine in the same way that France has. Even a pretty decent meal from Blueapron’s stable of recipes can’t compare to a genuine french meal.

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Best Food Pairings for French Wines

Below is a guide that will teach you how to pair different French wines with the different French inspired cuisines.

1.Chateau de Bonhoste (2012)

Food Pairing: Asparagus and Spring Panzanella

It is normally tricky to pair the spring vegetables, e.g., asparagus and artichokes as they have been known to make wine get a metallic or sweet taste. They look good in pictures together, but taste is another thing altogether. However, one wine that has been seen to work with the spring vegetables is the Citrusy Sauvignon Blanc.

2. Fabrice Gasnier Chinon Les Graves Wine (2011)

Food Pairing: Lamb Skewers Marinated Using Yogurt

Peppercorns and herbs have been known to pair perfectly with the slightly herbal Cabernet Franc which traces its origins from the Loire Valley found in France.

3. Chateau Hyot Bordeaux (2009)

Food Pairing: Garlic Brandy Butter with Grilled Hanger Steak

With flavor filled parsley slowly melting over your charring beef, you cannot go wrong by choosing to pair this recipe with a red Bordeaux.

4. Sable Beaujolais

Food Pairing: Soy Glaze taken with spicy tuna

Florian Looze and Cyril Alonso are two close friends who have worked together as winemakers and negotiants for many years. They provide wine lovers with wine that does not contain sulfur and has not been manipulated in any way. One of their best offerings is the Beaujolais which comes with a peppery and fresh bottle.

5. Chateau Montaud

Food Pairing: Almonds, strawberries, Feta, and baby lettuces

This summer salad is best paired with baby scented, bright red strawberries. You can down it with this crisp, dry rose wine from the Provence region.

6. Domaine Luneau-Papin Pierre (2010)

Food Pairing: Miso butter and grilled shrimp

Ensure the shrimp has been well grilled before accompanying it with a bottle of full-bodied white wine containing the right acidity levels.

7. NV Domaine Vigneau

Food Pairing: Lemony bread crumbs and prosciutto that has been wrapped with asparagus

Reminiscent of apples that have been freshly crushed, this slightly bubbly white wine possesses the finesses and complexity of wines that cost double what it does.

8. Commanderie de la Bargemone (2011)

Food Pairing: grilled romaine salads and swordfish

Provencal roses may appear delicate, but they happen to be acidic and come with some flavor as well. They are, therefore, ideal for pairing with meaty dishes such as the one above.

9. E. Guigal French Wine (2010)

Food Pairing: Macadamia cream, peaches, and Zucchini Ribbons

You ought to try this summer salad with this peach-scented Viognier with a floral concept

10. Louis Jadot Beaujolais (2009)

Food Pairing: Mushroom Fricassee and creamy chicken

This is a good vintage that has a unique richness and depth


If you find that you are experiencing difficulties pairing your food with the right French wine, there is only one rule that you ought to keep in mind: red wine always works perfectly with foods that are meaty.

However, this does not mean that you cannot break the rule. You can make your dining experience fun by experimenting—try pairing different cuisines with different wines. At the end of it all, each person is likely to have a unique interpretation on what is a good pairing, and what is not.