Wine Tasting in Paris

paris wine tasting
Last year a friend of mine got me an online wine membership. She was very thoughtful, but also very cheap. She used every coupon code she could get hands on (update for those who requested it. She used this promo code website) and I ended up with six or so French wines. They were good, but they didn’t have the vibrancy of Spanish wines or the smoothness of Australian reds. It was only after I ventured to Paris that I understood the true beauty of French wine.

French wine is known for it’s complex flavors, but there’s nothing quite like tasting French wine while you’re in Paris yourself. Somehow the ambience adds extra flavor to each glass of wine. Most people think of a trip to France as being very expensive, but is cheaper to prepay for hotels and airline tickets.

Here are all the French wine tasting bars and tours that take you around and outside Paris for some exquisite wine tasting experience.

The Chateaus de Chambord


Okay so this is not exactly in the heart of Paris, but what would a trip to Paris be if you cannot escape to the countryside. All you have to do is take a break from all the bustle of the city and explore the castles of Loire Valley. The tour is for a whole day. Starting from Paris, the guide leads you through the region’s gorgeous chateaux, which is French for castles. The best part about the tour is the complexity of the wines in the prestigious local vineyard which soaks up the tranquility over a gourmet lunch which is served in the middle of vineyard.

Only 26 people are allowed to tour the castles at a time; thus, allowing for enough time for everyone to receive personalized attention from the knowledgeable guide who is with you.

View their website for more details:

Moet and Chandon


Though this place is currently closed for some renovations, you must take a trip to it once it reopens. This tour is also what most tourists refer to as the Champagne pilgrimage. You get an expert guide who takes you through the heart of the champagne region and get you wine tasting from the glamorous Moet and Chandon cellars.

Charcuterie Lunch


The wine bar is located in Central Paris near the Louvre Museum. You can always enjoy a wonderful wine tasting in Paris with an expert sommelier guide. You will also get to taste wines from regions like Sancerre, Rhone, and Bordeaux, all in one place. There is a guide present as well to walk you through the wine tasting experience; they have some interesting insight on the wine regions of France. If you mix this with delicious cheese samplings and charcuterie, it cannot get better than that. For those of you who have never had Charcuterie before, this is cured meat like ham and sausage.

Wine Tasting and Cheese In The Paris Cheese Cellar


Wine and cheese have always been the perfect combination. You get the chance to not just taste some exquisite wine but also master the art of correctly pairing the two ingredients that would amplify your tasting sessions. The whole event is held in an underground cheese cellar in Paris.

With the help of your guide and a professional cheese monger, you can delve into Paris’s busy streets and discover an eye popping underground treasure of maturing cheese.

All you need to do is sit down and taste the range of seven Swiss and French cheeses and also learn how to match these with different wines while you are nibbling on French fruit and bread. The number of these can be limited to 10 around this small group tasting session that ensures a more intimate experience.

Wine Tasting Left Bank


This is a 3 hour tour of wine tasting and walking around the Montmartre district or Left Bank with a wine expert guide with you. What you will get is a sneak peek into the Paris wine culture, and witness firsthand the vibrant life at Left Bank. In addition to that, there will also be some exploring of the highlights between stops at cafes and wine bars.

You can even enjoy three wine tastings while you learn about French winemaking and get to see sights like Notre Dame Cathedral, and Sacre Coeur Basilica. This is the ideal tour for wine experts and novices. Plus, if you are in Paris just for the heck of it and not for ‘wine country’, you might want to try this out.

The Grand Cru Wine Tasting


The Grand Cru Wine Tasting is the ultimate French experience, and if you get the chance, it would be foolish to miss. This is a two hour wine tasting process where you get to taste 6 high quality wines including grand crus, older vintage wines, premier crus, etc. You get to learn all about the greatest wines in the region from an expert sommelier guide and you can even discover some excellent tasting tactics with and enjoy French cheese cuisine at the same time.