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Best Food Pairings for French Wines & Budget Promo Codes

The French are globally known for their mouthwatering cuisine and delicious wine, many of which are normally served separately. But, there isn’t any other country in the world that has been able to benefit from pairing wine and cuisine in the same way that France has. Even a pretty decent meal from Blueapron’s stable of recipes can’t compare to a genuine french meal.

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One of the greatest pairings? A weekend car rental and wine country. We recommend it: rent one of your ‘bucket list’ cars, one you’ve always wanted to drive, and take it to some of your favorite vineyards. It’s an amazing experience to pull up to these places in a car that you know you deserve and sip some truly great wine. And it doesn’t have to be that expensive either. You can use a promo code for Budget and get a really nice car for the weekend for a good price.… Read more...

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Best Wine Tours in France

alsace wine

Our Top Picks for Wine Tours in France.

If you need a reason to visit France then contemplate no further than the wine. The world’s biggest wine producer is this country. Their range of wine type, flavors, and tastes are as diverse as the various wine regions are in France.
Here are some of the most interesting wine tours that need to be on your list pronto. With French tours, you can enjoy the experience and sightseeing. Some of these tours are luxurious wine country tours which include your personal driver in an elegant Mercedes, or you can follow this link to view deals on car rentals to enjoy a tour at your own pace. You may even come across some exquisite cuisine that you have never had a chance before to try. All in all, you most definitely be having lunch over a scenic view of the vineyards.

The Rhone Alpes

Rhone valley is a place riddled with wine.…

paris wine tasting

Wine Tasting in Paris

paris wine tasting
Last year a friend of mine got me an online wine membership. She was very thoughtful, but also very cheap. She used every coupon code she could get hands on (update for those who requested it. She used this promo code website) and I ended up with six or so French wines. They were good, but they didn’t have the vibrancy of Spanish wines or the smoothness of Australian reds. It was only after I ventured to Paris that I understood the true beauty of French wine.

French wine is known for it’s complex flavors, but there’s nothing quite like tasting French wine while you’re in Paris yourself. Somehow the ambience adds extra flavor to each glass of wine. Most people think of a trip to France as being very expensive, but is cheaper to prepay for hotels and airline tickets.

Here are all the French wine tasting bars and tours that take you around and outside Paris for some exquisite wine tasting experience.… Read more...